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We are genetic Gods, but what about our children?

If you want controversy about our future and the moral choices we are making about our species, then look no further than the topic of Biogenetics. Not only has the method of in vitro caused some extreme reactions from the more religiously inclined, but on the horizon we are beginning to see the dawn of the human made in the laboratory. And it’s causing a storm. I would like to take a glance at this subject from an author’s point of view, where my main concern is, what kind of ethics will make up our future, both as parents for our children, and society as a whole.

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Data Mining – the future of education

The education system is undergoing major changes in every country of the world, due to the datafication of the whole process of education. What are those changes? And what are the pitfalls we might be heading for? Also, will this lead to an increasing effectiveness in the education, or will this cause a more distinct stratification of the children. Those who go on to have a future. And those who don’t.

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Digital Footprint – the Big Data generation – part 2 of 2

This time, let’s take a look at some of the technology behind the scenes while we surf, and point out some less than obvious ways that our character traits can be analyzed by the A.I. algorithms. Finally, I would like to come full-circle and conclude how we as parents can make a difference and teach our children how they can filter their behaviour online but still be genuine, and make lasting relationships.

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Data mining our children – the age of no privacy

Did you ever consider the consequences of your online sharing with the family? As innocent and fun as it may be, creating familty ties and bring everyone closer together, has also it’s darker downside. Every one of us is creating a gold mine for the Artifical Intelligence driven algorithms which will drive tomorrow’s online economy. And our children’s privacy is the currency of that economy.

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Eksploracja danych – Era braku prywatności.

(This is the polish version of the story – The Age of no privacy)
Czy kiedykolwiek rozważałeś konsekwencje dzielenia się online treściami o swojej rodzinie? Jak niewinne i zabawne może to być, tworzenie rodzinnych więzi i zbliżanie się do siebie. Proces ten ma jednak swoją ciemniejszą stronę. Każdy z nas tworzy kopalnię złota dla algorytmów napędzanych przez sztuczną inteligencję, która będzie napędzać jutrzejszą gospodarkę online. A prywatność i życie naszych dzieci to waluta tej gospodarki.

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Will our online privacy be broken forever?

Recent events both in Norway and the US have caused a world wide media storm. On the surface it would seem these two cases are normal criminal proceedings, yet if one looks below the surface and reflects upon the deeper implications of this matter, it becomes quite obvious what is happening now, and why it will have earth shattering consequences for each and one of us. It would also be very naive to think these are some isolated and local issues which concern only the US and Norway when the truth of the matter is this will have impact on the global online community, no matter the launguage nor location. Let’s take a look at what these cases entail and why the future of our and our children’s online privacy is at stake.

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The emotional A.I. – A better parent than you?

Sounds like an absurd notion to even consider, doesn’t it? One thing is to let an intelligent machine square off in a battle of chess or the recently won trivia game by the amazing neurolingual “Watson” from IBM, but a whole another matter is leaving your kid with a computer algorithm. Even if the kid would emotionally survive the inital period, would you? Or to put it differently, would you willingly leave your child with an algorithm which at best can only imitate empathy and other subtle human interactions.

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Ghost in the machine and reincarnation

How do the Gnostics and Buddhists traditions view science and espectially the late explosive growth of Aritficial Intelligence? I think that especially this question begs to be inspected closer. Why? Because in the next 20-30 years we will see an explosion of Intelligence and expansion, and it will not be due to human invention. But it will come from the machines.

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