Piotr Ryczko

Piotr Ryczko is the published author of the Scandinavian thriller “A child made to order” and a multi-awarded filmmaker.  Born in Poland and raised in Norway, he loves both countries, but has a soft spot for his hometown, Oslo.

Piotr loves dark and multi layered Norwegian thrillers which handle ethically difficult scientific issues facing humankind today. 

Piotr loves to hear from readers and writers and can be found on Storygeist where he writes flash fiction, html5 stories, non-fiction and screenplays for his films.

Author’s site (films & books):  www.piotr-ryczko.com

Author’s facebook page:  facebook

Literary and Film Awards:  www.piotr-ryczko.com

Education: Polish National Filmschool, Master of Fine Arts – Film Director. Wajda Film School – Directing Master Class “Studio Prób”