Kaja Kochanska - spiritual section contributor

Name: Kaja Kochanska

Website:  www.slademserca.pl

My name is Kaja. I was born and raised in Łódź, Poland. A place that gives me the feeling that I am right where I should be.

I am one of those who see the Universe in a raindrop. In every single meeting or experience I recognize a depth and unusual force. I see life as a palette of thousands colours, emotions, feelings, conversations and moments, I find the meaning in everything that appears in my life. Simplicity of life constantly captivates me. I love nature, which regenerates me in its special, gentle way. I find importance in balanced life where is place for move and steadyness. 

I graduated the Technical University of Łódź, Architecture & Urban planning. There is a rumor that  architecture combines every possible profession. Well, I am fond of this idea and I believe there are many proofs towards its truthfulness. I always was polywalent in my interests. Multidimensionality of my work and passions give me the positive energy boost.

It stimulates me, refreshes my mind and opens up me heart. I write articles, draw, travel, design, run, teach yogic breathe sessions and organize workshops. In my spare time I choose various sports, travels, photography and meditation. I invite you to visit my website,

All my best, Kaja