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Category: Spirituality

Think with your heart. Feel with your head.

We exist in a world which demands from us on every level. To make something of ourselves, to be an utter success at everything we do. This is not a place to be last in the line, and if you can’t deal with that, then maybe something is wrong with you.
Well, let’s listen to Kaja and what she thinks about these life perspectives which are so common nowadays. How does she approach her life? How does she deal with her inner ego, which very nature is to pursue, to conquer and to divide?

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The evil that is within

What is the nature of the very thing that pushes us, human beings, into the most destructive patterns, unpredictable behaviour no one would think possible? And how does this dark side manifest itself in each one of us? Is any one spared from this? Or do we all carry this darkness within us, waiting to be triggered, in more or less unfortunate circumstances?

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The fever for the sublime – part 2 of 2

How can this fever manifest? What can it do to us? Can something as pure as the need for unconditional love, for the Truth, lead to desctructive behaviour? What are the inherent dangers of a forced practice? Both for ourselves and for the people around us. And if so, then what are the mechanisms, the root cause behind this behaviour?

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The fever for the sublime – part 1 of 2

My practice was an incessant fever. Done in the most dark corners of a galloping train, toilet compartments in a sleazy hotel, abandoned corridors on some freezing ferry, the roof of some unfinished building. Anywhere, anytime. As long as it would allow me to reach that sacred state. Even if it was for a couple of minutes. For some cherished, momentary glimpse of the Limitless.

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Venture me out of the Matrix

Two of the silicon Valley’s moguls latest project is to break us out of the Matrix, which they strongly believe exists and has the humanity enslaved. This is a perfect opportunity to look at the intersection of Technology and Spirituality and identify why these tech-billionaires have come to such a conclusion and what lies behind all of this, according to several ancient spiritual traditions.

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The cult of ego – part 3

You know why the ego plays out all the dramas, kicks, screams and wrenches itself all over the place? Because it realises that if we come into contact with the Divine part of our nature – the truth will become blatantly obvious. Because only in silence is the ego exposed. Not only its existence but most of all its mechanisms. It comes out into daylight how it seeks to separate, how it yearns to always be one step ahead, and how it is in an incessant pursuit of a mirage. In pursuit of itself. An impossible loop.

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The cult of ego – part 2

In my opinion, no one is chosen. Instead, to melt away the ego, we need a strong heart, and a valiant will. We also need to make space for the Spirit, which in return, with Its infinite goodness will, step by step, enlighten our frail human personality and elevate it into a purer form.

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The cult of ego

Ego, in its neverending search for new sensations, is reminiscent of a hungry fox running around one shed to the next, chewing away on innocent chickens like there is no tomorrow. Every one of us has something of that insatiable fox in ourselves. the only thing that changes with time are the means with which we fill up that empty void within us.

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Unconditional enamourment in life

Maybe it will sound prosaic, and lacking the appropriate “Eureka”, but from my experience, Spiritual Enlightenment – is a choice. It’s a decision where you want to focus your conciousness and how you want to experience life. A decision which has to be applied to every single moment of your life.

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Ghost in the machine and reincarnation

How do the Gnostics and Buddhists traditions view science and espectially the late explosive growth of Aritficial Intelligence? I think that especially this question begs to be inspected closer. Why? Because in the next 20-30 years we will see an explosion of Intelligence and expansion, and it will not be due to human invention. But it will come from the machines.

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Junk DNA or the record of your Soul

Whenever someone mentions ascension or consciousness expansion of the human mind/race, there is an inherent danger of immediately being placed into the New Age category.But as we will see, science has up till now failed at providing any good explanation for what it’s called Junk DNA. But I would like to take a look at this from the point of view of Gnosis.

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