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Category: Privacy

Will our online privacy be broken forever?

Recent events both in Norway and the US have caused a world wide media storm. On the surface it would seem these two cases are normal criminal proceedings, yet if one looks below the surface and reflects upon the deeper implications of this matter, it becomes quite obvious what is happening now, and why it will have earth shattering consequences for each and one of us. It would also be very naive to think these are some isolated and local issues which concern only the US and Norway when the truth of the matter is this will have impact on the global online community, no matter the launguage nor location. Let’s take a look at what these cases entail and why the future of our and our children’s online privacy is at stake.

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Smart Homes – empowerment or imprisonment?

A revolution is about to enter our homes any moment now. Whether we like it or not, we are about to be swamped by a myriad of ivisible/invisble elecxtronic appliances which all have one thing in common. Their online activity will be 24/7. How will this impact our lives for better or worse? How will this change our approach to every day life? Will it have a significant impact on our privacy? Are we in danger of the Orwellian 1984 scenario? Becoming prisoners of our most private sphere called home? If so are there any ways to avoid it? Let’s take a look at the brewing revolution and what it will mean to us and our offspring.

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