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Category: Nano-tech

Will Artificial Intelligence explosion lead to massive unemployment?

When most people are in fear of losing their job, it is grounded in today’s realites such as a world wide recession, fercier than ever competition in their successive fields or simple job outsourcing to more economically viable countries. But what I would like to do is to take a look at another factor, one which may be the single biggest impulse for a world wide change in employment rates – technological advances. And to be more precise, I want to put under careful scrutiny how Robots and recent forms of Artificial Intelligence might revolutionize our society through a possible automation of our future jobs.

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We are genetic Gods, but what about our children? (part 2)

If we leave the whole gene therapy out of the equations. Just for a moment. Are we in the clear then? Or come to think of it, do we not make a ton of procreational choices now? Consciously or unconsciously, we do. Are we not prepared to supply our children with all kinds of minerals, vitamins, diet supplements. All this in the name of a healthier future for them. If we go further with this thinking, then the whole raising of our children is actually about these kind of choices. The best of schools, the best toys, and the best teachers, caretakers. All in all the best opportunites we as parents can afford. Who would want to save money on that? Would you?

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Smart Homes – empowerment or imprisonment?

A revolution is about to enter our homes any moment now. Whether we like it or not, we are about to be swamped by a myriad of ivisible/invisble elecxtronic appliances which all have one thing in common. Their online activity will be 24/7. How will this impact our lives for better or worse? How will this change our approach to every day life? Will it have a significant impact on our privacy? Are we in danger of the Orwellian 1984 scenario? Becoming prisoners of our most private sphere called home? If so are there any ways to avoid it? Let’s take a look at the brewing revolution and what it will mean to us and our offspring.

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The emotional A.I. – A better parent than you?

Sounds like an absurd notion to even consider, doesn’t it? One thing is to let an intelligent machine square off in a battle of chess or the recently won trivia game by the amazing neurolingual “Watson” from IBM, but a whole another matter is leaving your kid with a computer algorithm. Even if the kid would emotionally survive the inital period, would you? Or to put it differently, would you willingly leave your child with an algorithm which at best can only imitate empathy and other subtle human interactions.

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We are genetic Gods, but what about our children? (part 1)

If you want controversy about our future and the moral choices we are making about our species, then look no further than the topic of Biogenetics. Not only has the method of in vitro caused some extreme reactions from the more religiously inclined, but on the horizon we are beginning to see the dawn of the human made in the laboratory. And it’s causing a storm.

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Ghost in the machine and reincarnation

How do the Gnostics and Buddhists traditions view science and espectially the late explosive growth of Aritficial Intelligence? I think that especially this question begs to be inspected closer. Why? Because in the next 20-30 years we will see an explosion of Intelligence and expansion, and it will not be due to human invention. But it will come from the machines.

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