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Author: Kaja Kochańska

The cult of ego

Ego, in its neverending search for new sensations, is reminiscent of a hungry fox running around one shed to the next, chewing away on innocent chickens like there is no tomorrow. Every one of us has something of that insatiable fox in ourselves. the only thing that changes with time are the means with which we fill up that empty void within us.

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Unconditional enamourment in life (part 2)

I met a Master who, when asked how he recognized an enlightened being, smirked to himself and with a rather pronounced dignity told me – “You can see it in their eyes. Look for a peculiar burn in their eyes. Something so subtle, it can only be perceived by another enlightened one.”

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Unconditional enamourment in life

Maybe it will sound prosaic, and lacking the appropriate “Eureka”, but from my experience, Spiritual Enlightenment – is a choice. It’s a decision where you want to focus your conciousness and how you want to experience life. A decision which has to be applied to every single moment of your life.

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