The fever for the sublime - part 1 of 2

What is spiritual practice?

If we view the spiritual practice from the viewpoint of time, aren’t we attempting to cram the Infinite into something limited? If we try to divide the Absolute into trends, paths, religions, and whatnot, aren’t we just falling into a trap of dividing, slicing and chopping up something which was perfect from the beginning?

Wouldn’t it be possible to simply practice? An intimate, deeply personal, nurturing of the Absolute.

And who is then a practitioner? Someone who is searching, drilling for questions and comparing his/her path against the others, and who, from time to time, exalts himself over others?

Why do we, by seeking freedom, get trapped in the limitations of a self-procured system?

Why does the process of liberation from one’s own limits, so often lead to another illusion? To yet another prison. Only this time, the penal insitution is constructed by our blood, toil, tears and sweat?

To see the concealed magic

I bear within myself an intuitive certainty that everything in out lives can manifest itself as the Spiritual Path. Be it transcendent or the most mundane. I believe that Awareness which is concealed in our hearts, and the intention with which we inhale our every breath, determines the state of our lives.

Some observe a butterfly and see only one phase of its evolution, the physcial one which is apparent to the eye.

And some are able to penetrate behind this physical shape, and glance into the marvel of existence. I don’t want to judge who is more elevated here. But I want to pin point, that some are able to see the magic behind the veil. And some are not.

I believe this kind of sensitivity applies to the spiritual path as well.  The practice can either be a physical and mental act/experience, uncolored by any deeper sense of being, or it can be an earth-shaking, uniting experience with the Immeasurable.

That which is within us.

“Kundalini Yoga is the ancient art of discovering the reality within one’s own consciousness.” Yogi Bhajan

The feverish yearning for the sublime

Sadhana is the daily practice in yogic language. For me, this is a deeply personal ritual that unites my inner self. And thus grants me a more complete relationship with the outside world.

My practice has always been very strict.  I was always doing it conscientiously, regardless of the place and the circumstances.

When I look back at myself, it amazes and amuses me what kind of determination accompanied my activity.

I have trouble holding down a deep chuckle when I think about the peculiar circumstances of its execution.

My practice was an incessant, feverish yearning.

Done in the most dark corners of a galloping train, toilet compartments in a sleazy hotel, abandoned corridors on some freezing ferry, the roof of some unfinished building. Anywhere, anytime. As long as it would allow me to reach that sacred state.

Even if it was for a couple of minutes. For some cherished, momentary glimpse of the Limitless.

“The goals you want to achieve are not the most important things in your life.  The path itself, that is the most crucial aspect. The bumpy road which leads you to discover the truth. That is where your happiness and destiny will manifest themselves” – Author Unknown

The sublime flavour

But then came a turning point. Gradually my fever subsided, my yearning mellowed down.

And slowly my practice ceased to be a part of my life, but became Life itself. From that point on, I’ve never felt more complete. From the moment when my mind ceased to create bounds and limits in my various spheres of life, I tuned into the flow that was Everything.

Every relationship, activity, meeting became an incentive to live deeper, more fully. To reach deeper within myself and explore the nooks and crannies of my essence.

Just think about it. When you cherish all your activity as sacred, every moment or action becomes blessed. I so wish we could open our eyes and hearts for the wonder that is this magic of life. For the pervading awareness of the uniqueness of it all.

When practice becomes a commonplace element in our life, it permeates our thoughts, actions and words. Our life takes a wild turnabout.  It flows in our mouth like a juicy, ripe fruit. One where we can find all the flavors we will ever need. Until we find the most sublime flavour of them all,  the one beyond the sensual. This flavour  caresses our palate most tenderly – filling us with Love for the Spirit.

Life then becomes a celebration, a great spectacle, one we dance with,  hand in hand.

I so wish that for you.

“Do not attempt practice for a purpose, to gain something or to acheive some form of desire. Do not attempt practice to improve your fate. Do not attempt to practice in the hope of gaining miraculous powers. Seize the practice as it is, an acitivity for its own sake.”  Eihei Dogen

Kaja Kochanska

Story's author

Since I was a child I was courious in a wholeness of Life, its various aspects and power of experience which It carries within. I was delighted with exploring, knowing unknown, drawing, painting, writing, spending time on creative acting, spending time on fresh air, especially with horses. I loved to share with others what I already know and in what I am fascinated by. Every day I trust more and more in my Path and in what I love. My life is a combination of various aspects of life into Oneness. Here, I share with you a wide part of my own life, showing multitude of interests and wealth of experience. In my work I join facet of Earth- as a root a base for a futher growth which is meant to be united with spiritual Element of Heaven ( Yin & Yang).

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The fever for the sublime – part 1 of 2

My practice was an incessant fever. Done in the most dark corners of a galloping train, toilet compartments in a sleazy hotel, abandoned corridors on some freezing ferry, the roof of some unfinished building. Anywhere, anytime. As long as it would allow me to reach that sacred state. Even if it was for a couple of minutes. For some cherished, momentary glimpse of the Limitless.

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