The cult of ego - part 3

“Do not try to fight the ego. Rather observe its fears and attempt to accept them. They are natural, they are a flowing part of life. Agree to them, and in that instant, your ego disappears. It will not be of any more use. ” – Osho.

The cult of ego

Spiritual ego is a rare creature which has the ability to grow like weed gone amok. And it festers in the finest greenhouse, a place which is ultimately our personality and mind, giving it the best possible to conditions, deluding itself it can achieve Nirvana.

All by itself.

Today I can distance myself, have a good laugh about all of this. But when one is right in the middle of this “transformative” weed growing, I can assure you, it’s all deadly serious.

So how does our selfish aureole reveal itself?  

It appears in an infinite amount diguises.

We race madly into the asanas (postures) as we try to prove to each other who will be more resilient, flexible, gracious and what not. We compare our meditation techniques, how long we meditate, how often we commit to them. We analyse every spacious inch of our breath as we cling to the conviction, our meditation is just so much more sophisticated and effective at acheiving Nirvana.

We count the number of rebirth cycles, hoping this incarnation is the one where we’ve struck gold. And of course, why wouldn’t we? We are the chosen ones, aren’t we?  And spiritual vegans peer with disgust and a claim to  superiority at the poor vegetarians who still eat eggs and cheese.

We compare our horoscopes, numerology, blood groups, the colors of our clothes in which we practice, the types of diplomas, courses, frequency of trips to places of detention and other supposed “holiness”. Because you know, the more you travel, especially to India, the holier is your your holy-potential…

All this and much more, it’s nothing more than an extention of the cult of the ego. This time into the spiritual realm. And the only questions which begs to be asked. Who is more deluded by the ego in this case?   The people who are enamoured with their blitzy cars and their long collection of trophy wives or the ones who cumulate their medals in the spiritual domain.

“The Ego has the ability to observe, but in this observation appears assessment, criticism and the distinction between good and bad. Therefore it can never be a pure observation. Awareness (the Absolute) is not bound to any assessment, differentiattion or drama. God says “I,” but the devil also says “I”.  The crux of the matter is to find a difference between them. To recognize what is the human ego and what is the divine self.” – Mooji

Perfectly imperfect nature

I have the feeling of living in utterly amazing times. We are in a moment in time when we can really follow the apth way we always desired. And what I mean by the path, is the way of the heart, the path of the unity, of Soul and Spirit.

We have a real fighting chance for true, inner freedom, an authentic communion with the Absolute. A pureness which goes perfectly hand in hand with our pefectly imperfect human nature.

But what stands in the way of uniting these two natures it, is our annoying ego, which constantly seeks to evaluate, to scrutinise, and undermine every second of our being.

Or how the Sufi mystics used to say,  –  “Liberation is closer than the neck of your camel.”

"And all that you are bound to, will be taken from you." Sergey Lazarev

Instant fixes available?

You know why the ego plays out all the dramas, kicks, screams and wrenches itself all over the place? Because it realises know that if we come into contact with the Divine part of our nature – the truth will become blatantly obvious.

Because only in silence is the ego exposed. Not only its existence but most of all its mechanisms are revelead. It comes out into broad daylight, how it seeks to separate, how it yearns to always be one step ahead, and how it is in an incessant pursuit of a mirage.  In pursuit of itself.  An impossible loop.

The ego desires to win, to compete, to race, to realise new plans and ambitions. It also loves to be separated, in its uniqueness and individuality – it feeds like en enraged pacman on this kind of mental energy.  Only then does it feel that it really exists.

So how do we wrest ourselves from this unabating spiral of our own mind?

I don’t want to give away any easy solutions or easy take-away fixes. That would be a lie. There is no instant red pill out of the shackles of our ego.

But maybe, just maybe, a way out of the maze of maya is to recognize the warped and unstable nature of our personality. And maybe, just maybe, when we recognize the methodology of its operation, its conniving plans, it turns out that there was no enemy there in the first place. The illusion has been demasked. And so it vanishes.

But if you come across the red pill, I want to be the first one to hear about it!

“We do not see things as they are, we see them for what we ourselves are. We look at reality through the screen of our minds. The key to the release is to find the space between your thoughts. There are people who have never experienced that, they identify completely with their mind, with thoughts that are conditioned, limited. The first step to liberation is to realize that you are not your thoughts, that you are pure consciousness. Thoughts are just thoughts, beliefs arerepeated patterns and actions. When does freedom arrive? When you stop identifying with your thoughts, that’s the end of the ego. “ – EckartTolle