Unconditional enamourment in life

Maybe it will sound prosaic, and lacking the appropriate “Eureka”, but from my experience, [Spiritual] Enlightenment – is a choice.  It’s a decision where you want to focus your conciousness and how you want to experience life. This decision has to be applied to every single moment of your life.

I like how the spiritual teacher Aruna Ardagh expresses himself about Enlightenment, and treats it as pure love. About the space of acceptance, the peace which evolves and expands all the time. But it is only we who decide the size and density of this space.

And the determinant is, how you feel, how much worry, and fear you are able to procure through your dualistic mind. Or whether you are free of all of this.

I don’t think that we should count on silencing the mind as easily as an alarm clock, just with the mere flick of the finger.  It doesn’t work that way. The mind is way too complex a network of connections, memories, a diagnostic station, a passionate lover. And that is how we should accept it. That was the way it was built, to fulfil a range of functions,  and that is how we should treat it.

 “You think that you should go somewhere, climb some inexplicable mountain, sit in some far away murky cave, in order to get at the truth. But to attain It (the truth), one doesn’t need to go anywhere, to conquer anything. It’s not a place you travel to, not some hardwired destination. Conciousness, in other words, the truth, it already IS.” – Mooji

The Silenced One

A  few years ago during one of my trips to India, I came across an Enlightened Being, A Master of some sorts.. His name was the “Silenced One” and he lived in his ashram. His teachings were basic meditation exercises, and he taught them only through silence. When he talked, he did it sporadically and only with a few select pupils who stayed at his ashram.

From the stories of these pupils, I learned that he always reacted strongly  when asked by one of his pupils about his master’s spiritual path. This embitternment stemmed from the very idea that it is only through silence that we gain the answers, the genuine truth. And that it is only the Ego which asks. That’s also why the “Silenced One” communicated telepatically and through dreams with his chosen few. And through these nonverbal methods, he gave advice and guidance.  This was the only way he thought possible to help his pupils, without engaging their minds, on their way towards the Absolute, .

After all, isn’t Enlightenment supposed to be an egoless state, free of the mind, and its labyrinthian trappings?

“One day you will have to go outisde of yourself, throw away the idea who you are. You can be free even today. So where do the barriers come from? From the ego, from the mind.” Mooji

Bestowed by someone or gained through inner insight?

I’ve heard stories about Enlightenment “bestowed” upon the  pupil through some kind of magical grace from the Guru.

And it is this Guru who decides upon such a step and that in our times, these things happen, supposedly, rather sporadically.

I am not saying that the holy presence of the master can’t give some, even momentary, glimpse of Nirvana, connection with the Absolute. There are stories told about those who knew exactly which road to traverse and how to expand those moments where one could free oneself from the dualistic mindset.

But I think that that the genuine spiritual Truth lies in our personally experienced insight. This is hard work but through sheer perserverance, yields the most return, the biggest progress on one’s own path. I believe that only through personal experience one can approach the Truth. Something which is not to be bought nor given by another person. It’s a path. It takes time. And if it’s to be genuine and ultimately yours, it has to come from your inner self.

“One day you will have to go outside of yourself, throw away the idea who you are. You can be free even today. So where do the barriers come from? From the ego, from the mind.” Mooji

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Unconditional enamourment in life.

Enligtenment for me, that’s purity, silence and subtle joy.   Of a kind which doesn’t need to be shown, shared, and certainly not spoken of. How could it be? It’s so subtle, the mere intention of voicing it would wipe away its existence.

It’s a feeling of fullness, authentic, unconditional enamourment in life.

It’s awareness that whatever transpires, everything will turn out ok. It’s a feeling that everything already is. And that there is nothing more to be gained, nor that we should search for anyone. Because we are everyone, and everyone is us.

Is it possible to hold onto this fulness, all the time? Personally, I doubt it. I haven’t experienced it this way. In my life there are moments, which simply become longer, more pervading in my being. I call it mindfulness. Presence and full engagement in every moment.

And that’s a choice.

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“Lose yourself completely in each moment, and every day you will find new light, new experience, fresh insight. And these experiences will begin to change you. And one day you will see that in each of these moments, you are of another quality. A quality which doesn’t drag around the old or the unnecessary past. You are like a drop of dew, young and utterly fresh.. “  OSHO