The future of medicine & nano-tech in the Sci-fi thriller "The Core"

“The Core” seeks to touch upon the pharmaceutical industry, through the eyes of a brilliant scientist, who is on the verge of a breakthough in nano . A technology which could potentially heal millions of dying cancer patients.

”The Core” is a piece of speculative fiction which beneath it’s thriller/drama form, seeks to touch upon a couple of crucial questions.  How far are the market forces willing to go, to capitalize on the money making scheme? Who and what are they willing to sacrifice?  Are we doomed to failure, if our technological advancements don’t fit into the vectors of the commercial market?

But most of all, Nano tells the story of a woman’s struggle for her inner conviction. To leave the world and it’s children something of true value.

The Core is a short/excerpt from a feature film project in development in Poland/Norway. For more info:

A woman is on the verge of a revolutionary nano cancer-treatment. But when her daughter is kidnapped, and demands are made to give up her research, she has to square up against the Big Pharma, in a desperate mission to save her family.